Your mouse seems to be some kind of marsupial with an extremely strong and stretchy tail, which is your main tool for getting around each level. You hang from random floating nodes and pull the mouse away from the direction you’d like to go, as if it were a sling shot. You send him flying across the levels as bounces all over the place like crazy. You have to mindful of enemies and the terrain though, as you can’t do anything if you get stuck on the ground or fall into a water pit. The game only gives you a few lives to work with, after all.

The mechanics are pretty fun, and so is bouncing all over the place. There is plenty of cheese to collect in each level, but your main goal is bloody revenge on the cats of the world. After launching yourself at them, you’ll dragon punch them harder than Ryu and send them blasting off like Team Rocket.

The game is fun, but it can also be extremely frustrating. As more mechanics are added and the game gets more complex, it becomes a lot of trial and error as well as random guessing. Enemies like the Bees become more numerous, and eventually platforms and even cheese starts levitating around like it’s possessed. Still, the art and sound design are cute and whimsical, and the game is quite enjoyable. There are even tons of hats for your mouse to collect and wear.

Overall, it’s a solid game worth checking out, especially because it’s free. Though, you can pay to upgrade and get rid of advertisements if you want. Check it out. Download the free Appolicious Android app