There are a ton of different physics games available for the Android platform but not many of them have really been able to keep my attention for more than an hour. Blow Up has definitely changed this and brings a very fresh experience to the mobile app space.

Although it follows the same principles of tear down and land pieces correctly, it uses an element I have yet to see in any other game. In this app, you place explosives onto the building itself and detonate it to send the building crashing down along with the stuffed panda. What makes this game so amazing is that not only are you trying to topple the building, you are also trying to get the panda to touch the star on the level. This will require quite a bit of thinking ahead and will sometimes even require you to set different timers on the various explosives. The game is set in groups of levels and they progressively get harder as the game goes on. If you enjoy physics puzzlers, this is one of the best I have seen for Android. Check it out.