Bloomberg app works because it keeps things simple. The news section covers all that’s happening in the markets, and you can easily choose which topics you want to be displayed. The markets section offers all the latest information on the major equity, commodity, bond and currency markets complete with detailed graphs. You can choose your own stock symbols and easily keep track of their current prices and they’ll be available every time you launch the app.

The Bloomberg app has four tabs: “News,” “Markets,” “My Stocks” and “Stock Finder.” The news area has all of its information pulled directly from the Bloomberg website and will actually download all of the stories if you want to. The market area shows the Equity Indices in three categories. Selecting any of the markets will provide you with a snapshot view of it. The two buttons: “Industry Movers” and “Stock Movers” provide a breakdown of their subject in two different views.

Back in the snapshot view, if you rotate your phone sideways, it will turn the small 52 week summary chart into a widescreen chart that you can select up to five years viewing time. If you have your own personal stocks to follow, you can find them in the Stock Finder and select them as a favorite for viewing directly from “My Stocks” next time. This can save you the time and effort of having to look it up again.

When it comes to business and financial news from both home and abroad, Bloomberg is a fine addition to your burgeoning app portfolio. Bloomberg seems to update fairly fast and provide a lot of useful information, so definitely check this app out.

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