The goal of the game is to cut a random shape down in order to reach a certain mass percentage. You can only cut in straight lines, and must avoid all of the flowers, as cutting one results in a loss and restart. As you cut your way through each level, new flowers moving at different speeds and introducing different puzzle elements are introduced alongside other monkey wrenches like metal edges that can’t be cut through. You’ll also get to make use of various power-ups, such as an extra life, a time slowing snowflake, a firework that destroys one random flower, or a special power blade that allows you to cut through the metal edges on one of your swipes. You’re rated on each level based on how small you were able to cut the board, how long it took you to do it, and in how many slices it took.

All of these games could adopt any kind of random theme and it would still work, and I really like this feudal Japan ninja/samurai theme they have going now. It comes with a cooler color palate, some very relaxing music, actually makes sense and generally fits for game based around slicing. This isn’t a revolutionary title in the genre, but it’s well made and should satisfy puzzle fans. The one fault with all of these games is just how random and unpredictable they are, sometimes relying on luck for success, but all in all it’s fun and free, so no harm in trying it out.