You start out as a gangster trying to win back all of his turf. To do this, you go into different buildings and have weird Final Fantasy-style battles to take those territories over, eventually spreading into the next block of buildings, and the next, until you’ve taken over everything. You can challenge any building at any time, but the game is nice enough to mark the next easiest fights. There are also missions to send your various gangsters on. Each one has a time limit, between ten minutes and an hour, before the gangster is useable in other aspects of the game. There is a store which lets you buy guns and equipment, and hire new gangsters. As you gain experience and level up, you’ll unlock new options in the store. There is your regular old green currency, also known as cash, and your premium credit currency. You get a credit every time you level up, and you can always buy more credit for real life money. Tucked away in the corner of the city is a casino, which gives you a free spin every single day for all the various in game currencies. You can also buy a spin for a credit, but that’s just a waste.

The battles are more about the equipment and number of gangsters you bring into battle with you, and less about any real skill or tactical thinking. Though, there are med kits and damage boosts that you can use to help out. You take control of the various gangsters and choose which target you want to shoot on the opposite team, switching to other gangsters when one has to reload. I’m not sure if it’s better to keep tapping on an enemy, or just to hold your cursor over them. Should one of your party members die in a battle, they will become unusable while they are healing up, usually for an hour.

All in all, this is a very well-made game for the genre that it’s in. There is a very strong chance that tons of you will despise this game, while others will love it. It’s really more about managing things than any kind of traditional gaming skill, and that will always appeal to some people. Having it on your phone and receiving notifications the instant your gangsters are ready for another move is definitely a plus. The inclusion of OpenFeint is also a welcome addition. As I said, this game is totally free. Check it out.

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