The game is set up very structurally similar to the excellent Battleheart from Mika Mobile. You face a series of pre-set challenges and stages and are rated on your performance. Gold and experience earned in those stages are used to buy new equipment, level up your character, and to hire new party members. It doesn’t really focus on the storytelling aspect of RPG’s, though a fun backstory is present, with the King of Kameloot calling all adventurers to his land to compete for fame and fortune. Where this game and Battleheart differ are in their vastly different battle mechanics.

The combat is built around three key aspects. The first is the rock-paper-scissors class mechanics, which are represented by colors. Essentially, fast and nimble red thieves beat slow and strong blue warriors, which beat the healing and nature based green sages, which beat the arcane purple mages, which then beat red thieves. There is even a special faction system in which your band of mercenaries may pledge and switch allegiances between the different class based guilds, all for various bonuses and draw backs.Combat itself is based around an energy point system, in which you can simply tap characters to either block attacks in defense mode, or to chain attacks together in offense, but that energy eventually runs out. Only three characters may be brought into battle, and each must be placed in one of three player slots; the front line defense person, the middle flank, and the rear support, with each row offering extra defense to the rows behind them. There is also a star system which rewards special stars for long combos. These stars increase your end of battle rewards and allow you to cast special spells.

Gold is more important than experience in this game. While the stat boosts of a level up are definitely useful and necessary, everything pretty much revolves around the gold, from your gear to unlocking all of your various talents and purchasing items. Completing the special bonus objective for each stage will grant you extra rewards, and they make for a good excuse to replay levels and get that extra experience. If you’re struggling and you don’t want to grind at all, in-app purchase gold is available. The production values and gameplay are all solid, and the game is available completely for free. Unfortunately, the app seems to be very buggy and crashes often on various devices. While I really enjoy the game, the only real flaw I found is that it can feel very slow paced, but I enjoyed everything else enough to overlook it. I definitely recommend giving this one a download.

[appbox googleplay it.dtales.BLA]