One of my favorite things to do in my old basketball video game growing up, was the three-point shootout. It had a certain excitement to it as I tried to reach perfection with my favorite player. Basketball Shots 3D is an app for Android phones that brings the excitement of a three-point shootout to your phone.

You will be playing against a timed clock to see just how accurate and fast you can be. The app takes full advantage of some newer phone’s graphical abilities, though older phones can set the graphics to low as well. It looks great and plays great too. Sliding your finger while holding the ball will shoot it. Your goal is to hit the marker each time you slide. This is easy in the normal mode but the harder difficulties make it near impossible to do unless you time it perfectly.

The sounds and graphics in the game add to the tension, but after a few times playing through, I couldn’t help but feel bored. The same gameplay repeating itself over and over again just grew a little too monotonous. There is a free version in the Android Market, so check that out before dropping the cash.