Altaïr is a Master Assassin belonging to the Order of Assassins who is sent on a quest to find “The Chalice”. This item is supposedly so powerful it can help end the war between the Crusaders and the Saracens. Many elements of the original game have been included in the Android  version. The game will have the player jumping on rooftops and fighting off enemies with a variety of weapons. It played smoothly throughout the time of my demo, but there were a few frustrations. The game applies the virtual d-pad that we’ve been seeing in recent games and it is a good application of it. But for a game that requires a lot of movement but also precision timing and direction, the joystick will sometimes cause the player to fall and force them to start over in a series of leaps and runs. The framerate did also seem to lag a bit occasionally which cause some confusion. Overall, the game is a great time killer and has some great platform gameplay for a mobile game. Priced decently in the Android Market, it will set some of you back. But it is worth the money for a well-developed game that includes plenty of variety in it’s gameplay. Check it out.