You can join a doubly familiar cast of iconic characters, as red bird Luke, black bird Ben Kenobi, Yellow Han-Solo, Pink Leia, Blue Random X-wing pilot, and Chewbacca go on a classic and beloved adventure. Almost all of the birds get fancy new powers to go with their new duds, and some are unique enough to feel like game changers. Lightsabers, blasters, and force powers enter the fold as you play through Tatooine and Death Star levels based on the first movie. Bonus levels make a comeback, but feature everyone’s favorite droid duo: R2D2 with electric shock powers, and C-3PO with the amazing ability to fall apart.

The thing that makes this Angry Birds special is the mixing and matching of classic level types, and gravity based levels as seen in Angry Birds Space. This helps change up the pacing and variety of the game in a big way. Yes, at its core, this is the same game we’ve all been playing for the last three years or so, but it has definitely built on those prior experiences. Things like bouncing blaster fire and aiming attacks from Obi-Wan and Han Solo add to your strategic options too. If you’re a fan of classic Star Wars, the visuals, nods, and references should have you grinning like a nostalgic idiot. Every screen is packed with them.

In the end, I fully recommend this to fans of both Star Wars and Angry Birds. Even if you were never all that into the series, or you’re jaded by the franchise, it’s worth a look. As with Angry Birds Space, just enough has been tweaked to make it feel fresh. The first update has already been released. Now you can defend Hoth from the Empire with new snow mechanics and a force pulling Princess Leia bird. Plus, you can visit Dagobah and train with Yoda through an in-app purchase level pack. Star Wars purists can rejoice in the knowledge that there is no content based on the horrible, horrible prequel films. I hope that the force remains strong in Rovio, that they avoid turning to the dark side that is the prequel trilogy. Only time will tell…Angry Birds Star Wars is free, with an HD version available for three republic credits.

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