The game is essentially a giant advertisement for the upcoming movie Rio, which features birds as well. This time around, instead of attacking those insensitive pigs, you’ll actually be using your attacking powers to free birds from cages and launch an onslaught onto a new foe, the monkeys. The game begins as usual with the red birds taking charge. While one would immediately assume the game would rub the movie in our face or skimp out on the gameplay, Angry Birds Rio does not fail to deliver. It’s extremely easy for the first few levels and then you realize how tough this new version actually is. There were some levels that took me well over 20 tries to get through and I definitely expect more.

The game is similar to the Seasons version in that it won’t let you access every section until a certain date is hit. This is yet another solid release from Rovio on Android. For the free price tag, I really don’t see why you wouldn’t grab this one. Definitely check it out.

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