Physics games can be found in every corner of the app store nowadays. There are so many of them, it is hard to find a quality one out there. Angry Birds is another physics-based game which focuses on knocking down different structures and crushing every pig found inside.

Stars are earned for each level based on how many launches it takes to crush every one. The gameplay is very simple. Users start a launch from the slingshot and depending on what bird is being launched, they might have to tap again to activate the ability. The game features some wacky birds each with their own unique abilities. After passing various sections, different birds will be unlocked and the user’s ability to use each bird’s various skills will determine if they pass the level or not. The graphics and sound effects of this game really show off how much thought went into it and really offer an extremely polished experience. Overall the game was fun and was extremely addicting to play through. It’s still in a beta form and sadly is the only option we have until they decide to release the full version. But definitely check it out.