By now you are extremely familiar with the little green Android who pops up anywhere the system might be advertised. This app lets you take that generic icon and customize your own android. You can make it look like you, or design it to be something you are not. Either way, it can be a ton of fun to create and share different androids whether they be wacky or accurate.

The interface is extremely simple to use as you are presented with a pretty slim selection of options to pick from. You can choose from different tops and bottoms all the way down to customizing the color and size of your android. One you have finished creating your masterpiece, you can send it out to the world or just save it on your device for later viewing.

For a free app that only does one thing, I would still suggest checking it out. It is put together well and could serve as a great way to create an avatar for your phone.

Download the free Appolicious Android app