Android App Video Review: Air Penguin

Oct 17, 2011
Video Review

Air Penguin is the latest and greatest Gamevil game to be ported over from iOS to the Android Market. The developer is better known for their JRPG’s like Zenonia and Sports Superstars series of games. This game is more of a casual title; appealing to the same market as Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja. This is a very addicting and well-made game with a message.

The game puts you in the webbed shoes of a simple Penguin living in the Antarctic. Suddenly, global warming strikes and begins melting the caps, breaking them up and separating the penguin from his wife and children. Now it’s up to you to save them.

The tilt based game play involves controlling the direction the penguin goes as he constantly bounces. Falling in the water results in a failure, even though penguins can swim and this makes no sense, and sends you back to the beginning of the level. The game switches things up a bit from time to time, as you slide along ice avoiding holes and bouncy seals, or surf on the back of a turtle. There is a lot of aquatic life out to help or hinder your progress, from hungry sharks that eat you or squids that ink your screen up, to whales that boost you along your way.

Scattered across each level are several goldfish crackers, which act as your currency. You can use them to buy temporary boosts for a level, such as second chance recoveries and weaker enemies. You can also buy more fish, as well as alternate characters through in-app purchases. These can get pretty expensive, though. If you get tired of the campaign, you can give survival mode a try, which is just an endless, randomly generated level that gets more and more perilous as you go.

The game has a great 2D art style, and good music and sound. It can be a very frustrating game, but you always want to try again and again no matter how much you fail. I normally hate tilt controlled games, and I kind of probably hate this game deep in my heart, but I really enjoy it in this case. The best part is that this game is totally free. The really really best part is that it stars penguins, and I love penguins!

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Andrew Koziara

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