You play as Agent Dash and his spy colleagues as you run through a tropical island. Before long you find a secret island base with parts inside of a volcano, a small resort town that’s under construction, and who knows what else. Like Temple Run, you must jump, slide, and move sideways to dodge obstacles, but you don’t have a free range of movement as you would in Temple Run. In fact, there are no tilt controls at all. Instead, you swipe between three pre-set lanes, and have to be in the correct lane to make a turn. You also have to deal with shooter segments which are required to open doors, similar to the archery in Temple Run: Brave.

As you run, you’ll collect plenty of diamonds, which you can use to purchase and upgrade various power-ups which should all feel familiar, from the jetpack to the magnet. My issue here is the balancing. Most power-ups are more expensive than their Temple Run counterparts, but also less powerful. It seems to take much longer to save up for anything. There are also single use power-ups, and of course, in-app purchase currency.

The visuals in this game are stylized and excellent, with lots of nice little touches. I like how the camera bobs up and down as you run, even if it’s slightly disorienting. I like how the scenery changes as you progress, even if it’s always in the same order. I wouldn’t say it’s not quite as good as the Temple Run games, but it’s still great and totally free. It’s a top-notch title from a top-notch developer, and you should give it a look.

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