The app combines great dual stick action with ridiculous humor to make some magic. At first I honestly thought the jokes would be dumb, but they grew on me and their blunt delivery is definitely to be appreciated. In the game you place as Barry Steakfries, (which is the coolest name ever, I’m definitely naming my kid Steakfries) and you have to stop the evil Dr. Brain from destroying the world via zombies. His evil plan is to send them into various eras of time to completely consume the world. There are some logistics issues I have with this plan, and it doesn’t totally make sense, but who cares, let’s shoot stuff! You’ll visit various locales and times, from prehistoric dinosaur days to ancient Egypt, and eventually the future, all sporting their own differently themed zombies.

The game plays great with the controllers two touch sticks, mapping secondary weapons like grenades to the shoulder buttons. The game plays smooth and is a blast. There is a story mode containing 15 levels, with every third level ending in an over-the-top boss fight to finish that time era. There is also a survival mode and several survival specific maps, where the goal is just to kill until you can’t kill any more, racking up the highest possible score. I definitely recommend you get this game no matter what phone you have, if it’s available to you. I know dual stick shooters are really common on mobile devices, but only a few are worth playing, and I put this one on that same pedestal. This is definitely a great game on any device, but especially on the Xperia PLAY, and it will cost you about $3.Download the free Appolicious Android app