One of the awesome features found in Android phones is the ability to choose live wallpapers. Instead of the plain images most users are used to, Android users can spice up their background by essentially playing videos or interactive images behind their icons. While phones like the Nexus One and Evo come preset with some excellent options, the Market has made it possible to download new ones. aCircuit Board Live is a wallpaper specifically created to take advantage of this feature and offers a ton of sweet customizations for your phone.

Once downloaded and activated, a circuit board will be your background. The app has everything from a moving fan, a binary clock, live circuits and more.

All of this can be customized in the wallpaper’s settings, right down to whether you want a dusty or cracked screen. There isn’t much more to the app as it’s just a wallpaper.

But overall, this is still the best wallpaper I have found for Android, and the sheer amount of detail makes it a worthwhile download. Check it out.