Not many people are going to argue that virtual keyboards on touchscreens are the best they can be. Often, it can be one of the most frustrating experiences on a phone to have to type out an email with the small buttons. It takes a lot of concentration and almost always brings plenty of errors. The developers behind the app 8pen think there is a much more elegant and user-friendly option.

This app installs on your Android device and offers a brand new way to look at the way we type on mobile phones. Instead of physical letters to press, the user is introduced to a wheel-like layout where letters are created by drawing circles through different sectors. Much like an iPod, as you spin through the wheel, different letters are selected.

But the system is so intuitive that after a decent amount of time walking through the tutorial, you’ll be flying through the typing process. Although I cannot personally say it sped up my typing, it definitely is obvious there is a lot of potential for becoming a decent replacement for the awkward keyboard. It won’t be adopted by the majority, but it offers an amazing experience for those who choose to make the switch. Check it out.