Just when I do a review on an app that provides a great Xbox Live experience on your Android phone, I discover another one that blows it out of the water. The newest Xbox Live app is called 360 Live. It’s been around for a little while actually but hasn’t received a lot of light.

The app, unlike many Xbox Live apps, actually signs into your Xbox Live account and downloads your friends list to your device. That means no adding friends, or linking accounts. It just works. What makes this app better than any app I have used before is that you can add and remove friends, accept friend requests and even send messages directly from the app. No more being taken to xbox.com where you have to go through the hassle of signing in.

360 Live is perfect for anyone who wants a quick check up on things or add someone on Xbox Live without having to wait to get home. It is the app I use for all my Xbox Liveliness on my Android and I absolutely love it. The only wish that I have for the app is that it would show the recent players list as well so I could track down someone I may have played with.

Other than that, as far as I’m concerned, this app is perfect for any Xbox Live user. Check it out and maybe I’ll play some of you someday.