The main goal of the game is to beat back the falling mass of coins by matching and destroying them. You tap on any of the lanes to launch the coin you’re currently holding into that lane. There are, of course, two sides to every coin, and that remains true in this game. Each coin sports a different color on each side, and you can flip any coin on the map at any time. This aspect is what makes this game feel so original for its genre. It’s important to note that you need to match three coins in a horizontal or vertical row. It isn’t enough for three coins to be touching in an L shape for example, and you can’t just flip coins into rows of three. It has to be initiated by launching new coins onto the map.

There are several modes that utilize these fun mechanics. Endless mode simply sees how long you can survive, constantly getting more challenging. Score Attack gives you ninety seconds to get the highest score possible. Time Attack asks you to destroy 250 coins as quickly as you possibly can. And finally, Drop Attack… well it’s basically the same thing as Score Attack, with a ninety second time limit. OpenFeint leaderboards and achievements are also here for your competitive needs.

This is a well-made game with colorful art and good sound. I like the added touch of a player avatar that doesn’t really do anything except look good. This game can be very addicting, and I recommend giving it a shot even if you’re sick of match-three games. This is a two dollar app, though there is a free version of the game to try out as well. Check it out.

[appbox googleplay com.leff.i180ultra]