If you’re looking to read magazines on your tablet, Zinio is a great place to start. The app includes multiple issues for scores of magazines and employs a simple interface for navigating and reading them.

You get a few free magazines as samples when you download Zinio, and more are available in its in-app store for purchase. Once you have a few publications you’re interested in reading, you can really start to appreciate the app and your tablet’s sharp display. Pages look great, photos are sharp and brilliant, and overall the experience might be as good as reading the real thing, especially since you don’t need to find space on the bookshelf when you’re done.

Zinio also makes it easy to find exactly what you want to read in a magazine with its search and page-jump features. You can also just tap open a visual list of the pages and scroll through that way.

An app that makes great use of big-screen tablet capabilities, Zinio is an easy way to make the conversion from analog to digital with your favorite publications.