The Wikitude World Browser helps you discover the world around you. Though better suited to smartphones, especially when out and about, as a tablet application, Wikitude World Browser still works well if you want to explore your surroundings.

It uses Augmented Reality (AR). By using your tablet’s camera, information is overlaid while you move it around. These can be things like Wikipedia entries for landmarks nearby, Foursquare check-ins, panoramic photos, YouTube videos and even entries from so you can find a nearby hotel.

The app works well but could do with some improvements. It’s hard to judge the exact location of nearby places in the AR view, you just learn their distance, not the cross-streets for example. And though the app benefits from the tablet’s larger screen real-estate, it could be unseemly to use when outdoors.

Still, Wikitude World Browser is a great, free way for you and your tablet to explore what’s nearby and presents this information in a unique way.