Thumb Keyboard fixes the problem of typing on a tablet by rearranging the keys so you can hold it comfortably and type as you might on a smartphone. It’s a welcome change.

The app requires a bit of setup time, but once you’re done, it makes tapping out emails or searching the web a whole lot easier. It works by dividing the keys in half, making them easily accessible by one thumb or the other, with a number pad in between. The result: holding your tablet comfortably in two hands rather than one, the same way you would a smartphone.

If there’s a drawback, it’s that Thumb Keyboard requires a little bit of trust on the user’s part. Theoretically, Thumb Keyboard could conceivably capture everything you type. There’s no evidence to suggest that developer Beansoft has any ill intentions, but it’s still something to consider before you download.

Other than that risk, though, Thumb Keyboard is a very easy and comfortable way to make a tablet more appealing for all kinds of tasks.