Snapbucket is an easy way to share your photos from your tablet on Photobucket, but it also has a lot of cool filters to enhance your pictures.

Taking advantage of large tablet screens means it’s easy to see a lot of detail in your shots. Snapbucket lets you take photos with your tablet’s camera, apply filters, then post them to Photobucket or to Twitter and Facebook. It’s a quick and easy process that only takes a few taps. You can also see other Photobucket users’ photos on your big tablet screen.

Unfortunately, some tablet cameras tend to be a little on the weak side, which means shots taken with them aren’t always that great. But this is where Snapbucket can help. The cool, retro filters, vignetting and interesting frames help to make them look a little better than they might otherwise.

Snapbucket is best enjoyed by photography fans without access to a better device. It’s good at what it does, and perhaps better suited to smartphones, but it still works well on tablets.