Mediafly allows you to take advantage of your Android tablet’s large display to stream and organize a wide variety of videos, podcasts, audio files and radio shows.

Navigation is simple enough. On launching the app, a lot of different categories appear on your screen like sports, technology, comedy, music and video games. From here, you’ll be able to select all manner of pre-selected video broadcasts, clips, podcasts and radio shows. Delve deeper, and you can add more content sources.

Most items played swiftly and efficiently, but sometimes you get a message that a certain video is better downloaded than streamed, and while a lot of the content is up-to-date, some categories (like fashion) had some broadcasts from last year that felt a bit obsolete.

With the ability to keep broadcasts to play offline, and plenty of customization options, MediaFly should keep most fans happy, despite some stale content and a few quirks here and there.