Despite popular iOS photography app Instagram not yet being available on Android, HoneyGram is still a worthwhile download for tablet-owners who love browsing the creative images people create.

The app allows you to view popular images, browse shots taken nearby, search by tag, and embed a widget on the dashboard for easy access to the best photos at any time. The interface is clean and easy to navigate. You can simply tap on a photo to enlarge it, see who posted it and read comments. By logging-in with an Instagram ID, specific Instagram users’ feeds can be viewed directly.

The ‘Interactive’ section is a neat touch too, allowing you to arrange and shuffle photos on your tablet as if they were real Polaroids on top of a coffee-table.

Overall, HoneyGram is a fun way to view the best Instagram has to offer until Android gets its very own dedicated app. It needs a few more features to make it truly great, but for free it’s still worth a look.