Find cool new places to hang out in your area, and see what your friends’ favorite haunts are with social network Gowalla.

At its heart, Gowalla offers a wealth of information. It uses your location data to show you areas of interest in your city. Find a nearby theater or tourist attraction, for example, and you can see reviews from other users, its location on a map and its website. You can even check-in when you arrive there. Then you can share your check-in data with other users and post reviews about your experience.

On tablets, Gowalla is easy to navigate and looks great, although the extra space of the tablet’s big screen isn’t used too effectively. That is, until you pull up photos users have posted from different locations – those look great on high-def screens.

Another handy social network, Gowalla is great for planning a weekend or a night on the town, or just learning about your area through your friends’ recommendations.