On paper, Dual Screen Browser sounds like a great idea. It’s a web browser – but with two screens! In practice, unfortunately, it’s a bit of a choppy mess that struggles with loading and scrolling, and isn’t really as useful as it could be.

Dual Screen Browser lets you multitask by reading two sources at once, and is particularly useful with Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, the app just doesn’t do these things well. Scrolling is delayed by loading, and there is no clear way to input URLs, which means everything has to be done by searching. It just seems inconvenient for no reason.

It’s hard to complain about Dual Screen Browser because it’s not a bad idea and the web pages look great on tablet screens. On top of that, it’s free. If you have a use for two browser windows at once, by all means, check it out.

Just don’t expect it to revolutionize web browsing on a tablet.