SportsTap Android app scores big time

Nov 9, 2010

SportsTap is an app for your Android phone that keeps you up-to-date on sports scores and game details. Diehard sports fans, like those involved in fantasy leagues, might find this app to be especially useful and convenient as they can track up-to-the-minute standings, team stats and player stats, and get updated scores instantly.

SportsTap gives users access to information for practically any sport or league: MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA football and basketball, NASCAR, golf, tennis and soccer. Search top stories, photos, news, season leaders, team statistics, schedules and standings. You can also set alerts for certain topics and teams to receive notifications when something important to you is taking place.

What’s especially great about this application is that it’s easy to get to the information you care about without having to sift through the sports and teams you don’t give a rip about. Open up the app, and click on the icon that represents the sport you’re interested in. Just like that, you’re looking at the score of every game that is either happening right now or has recently ended. Click one of these small squares, and you’re taken to a page where you can get more details about the game.

The app’s simple design is as practical as it is attractive. You’ll find navigating your way through the app very easy and intuitive.

The only thing that could make this app better would be the inclusion of video.

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Caitlin M. Foyt

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