This app is fun. Though it’s an education-based app, there is a gaming flavor to it. Have you ever noticed how exciting the Spelling Bee championship on TV gets? This app is like that – full of fun and excitement. Words gradually increase in difficulty. As you pass the easy levels, more and more hard words start to come.

I do think that this app is targeted at younger people, mainly school-goers. But even at the age of 34, I found it interesting as well. So I guess even the grown-ups will love it. Even hardcore spelling-test haters might embrace the challenge of this app. And for students preparing to participate in a spelling competition, this app can be a decent practice platform.

There are 2,300 words in the Spelling Bee app. The number will increase gradually as the developer continues its efforts to add new words. Each slide of the app is decorated with brightly coloured picture cards in eye-catching shades. There are some wax-producing insects included in the app for good measure. There is an audio clip for each and every word, so not only does the app teach spelling, it ensures that the user knows the right pronunciation. However it would have been nice if the developer used a human voice.

Overall it is a great app for all ages. Children can learn new words every day without noticing that they are actually learning, while grown-ups can figure out whether they are better at spelling  now than they were during their school days. Spelling Bee is also a good way to pass the time.

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