Slurpee is an app for your Android phone that is designed to help Slurpee enthusiasts track down local 7-Elevens and keep “Slurpee Nation” members up to date on their account information.

To get started using the app, you must either log-in as a Slurpee Nation member or create a Slurpee Nation account if you don’t already have one. I, unfortunately, had a very difficult time trying to register for Slurpee Nation through the application. After taking the time to fill out the registration form with my name, password, email and birthday, I would receive an “error” notification. I made no fewer than three attempts to register before I realized that this “error” was not my fault. I ended up becoming frustrated and just filled out the Slurpee Nation paperwork at

Once you log-in, you can find the nearest 7-Eleven store by using the phone’s GPS. You will be given a Google Map covered in pinpoints where various 7-Eleven stores are located. Click on any of the pins and you can get turn-by-turn directions directly to the location. You can also learn if a particular location has an ATM, gas, wings, and pizza and you can even see which Slurpee flavors are available. You can also search based on your flavor to see just how far you’ll need to go to get “Invincible Orange” or “Kratos Fury Blackberry Lime.” When it came down to it, this app was very effective in navigating me to the 7-Eleven that was most convenient and best catered to my needs.

Users can also use the app to check-in to locations using the mobile social networking software Foursquare. This app also allows Slurpee Nation members to enter their reward codes and to browse and purchase items. Rewards points be cashed-in and redeemed for everything from online gaming credits to video games and movie rentals.

This app very effectively does what it sets out to do, but I must admit, I am still a bit floored that Slurpee has its very own app. It just doesn’t seem like it’s all that practical of an application to have around. I would think if you’re a true Slurpee addict, a person who seeks out and drinks slushies on a fairly regular basis, then you already know where the 7-Eleven stores closest to your home are. This app might then only come in handy if you’re visiting a friend, traveling or in an unfamiliar part of town.