If you’re like me, Sales Tracker’s wispy pink background with knock-off Google lettering sends the message that this might not be the most legitimate tool in the Android tool box. But, make sure you hang in there and give it a fair shake. If you’re a business owner, Sales Tracker might quickly become your best friend.

I’m not a business owner myself, but it quickly became clear to me that if I were, pretty much everything I need for accurately tracking my sales and profits would all be in a single place. And not only that, but it’s very easy to use.

To get started, select “Add New Sales Record,” and include all relevant data: product description, unit price, quantity, processing rates and extra costs. Then date it, and click save. Later, after you’ve accumulated some data, you can look at detailed accounts by month, week or day. There’s also a separate tab for charts and diagrams that make visual analyses of  your weekly and monthly data.

You can program the app to be password protected, and back up and restore your databases through email. The app can also be used to store other important information, such as your resume.

While there probably are dozens of other software programs out there that do exactly what this app does, it’s difficult to say that it gets much more convenient than when all of your data is on your phone. You can pretty much input or analyze data from anywhere – while you have a free minute at the cash register, for instance –  because you won’t need to lug around your laptop or huge, literal “books” of information. It’s also pretty safe to say that this app is as easy as it gets, and you might not find that from some of your standard PC-based programs.

[appbox googleplay com.softmimo.android.salestracker]