Poynt aims to provide it with location-based search in a variety of categories. The app’s main categories match the common questions in life — What to eat? Where to go? What to do? Who is that? The “Restaurants” section provides a list of nearby restaurants, and displays reviews, directions and contact info. “Events” gives a list of current shows, sports and museums, with pricing and descriptions. “Gas” shows nearby stations and their prices for a gallon of regular. “Movies” lists current films and ratings, and lets you buy tickets. And the “People” section enables you to look up individuals by name, address or phone number.

The app uses a spinning set of icons to display the various categories you can search by. It also displays the weather at the bottom of the screen. That’s pretty much where the differences between this app and others stop. Once in the search mode, the app has a useful scrolling section at the top of the screen that will filter your results by topic whether it be by movie, gas station, or restaurant.

The good? The search results come from multiple sources, so they feel fresh and current. The restaurant lists, for example, pipes in from OpenTable, SuperPages and CitySearch. Also, the app is really fast, so you won’t be waiting around for destination options. The app utilizes several search engines to quickly and efficiently find directions to just about anywhere. You can search for places based on distance from your current location, or by specific names.

The bad? The categories seem a little thrown together. “Restaurants,” “Events” and “Movies” make a nice group, but “People” and “Gas”? The app also displays the weather in your current location on the main screen. It’s easy to get the impression the app creators are using the “everything including the kitchen sink” methodology for new feature priorities.

Although this app does offer quite a bit, I still personally prefer the standard maps app for finding what I need. Still, this format may come in handy for someone who wants to read a little bit more about a place and hear other’s opinions. The app is free in the Android market, so check it out and learn something new about your location.