MailDroid for your Android phone is an app that streamlines multiple email accounts and providers into a single, easy-to-access location. And this is a tool that will come in handy for a lot of people.

I’ve noticed that it’s become more common to have multiple email accounts, rather than just one. Different jobs and purposes call for different email addresses, I guess.

MailDroid supports all of the mainstream mail providers, such as Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail and AOL, and you can manually add any POP3/IMAP mail. I was quite impressed when I realized I was also able to link up my old university email service. I should note, though, that because all of those email systems are different, there’s no way to know if your work or school email will work unless you give it a try.

After you’ve added your accounts, you’re set to start receiving mail. When you receive a notification, just click to open it up. After it’s open, you’ll see a menu listing each of your accounts. Click on which one you’d like to access. This menu is what makes it easy to bounce back and forth between accounts.

This menu feature pops up regardless if you have four different email accounts or one. If you have just a single account, this menu presents an extra step for you to click through in order to get to your mail. If you find this annoying, MailDroid might not be the ideal app for you.

I’m a Gmail user who likes organization, so my main complaint with Gmail’s app on Android is that, to this day, I still have not figured out a quick and easy way to designate emails to their proper folder. MailDroid is great because “Choose a Folder” is very easy to find. It’s right there on the menu, right beside “Compose,” “Refresh” and “Accounts.” I found that it’s also easier to check multiple boxes, instead of being forced to click boxes one at a time, using MailDroid.

Another neat feature on MailDroid is the ability to create “rules” for the app. I noticed that there was the option to make your phone silent at night. You can also invent your own commands. The perfect example I considered is that you can use this feature to set the app not to receive email at night while you’re trying to sleep, but you can still leave the ringer on in case there’s an emergency and someone needs to reach you. I also appreciated that MailDroid picked up all of my emails right away, without delay.

This app is free, which brings up the issue of ads. These aren’t excessively intrusive, but it’s definitely something I’m not used to on my Gmail app. It bothered me a bit.

MailDroid works as a solid email client for people, both for professional and personal users. It’s free, so you have nothing to lose giving it a try. (Except maybe some sleep? That creepy spider monster icon is probably going to give me nightmares.)