UP&UP&UP is a free puzzle game where the objective is to build a tower as high as possible. The main difference from similar games is the fact that each brick has a different color and, while building, each one of them must always lay at least partially on top of a brick with the same color or a darker color. The colors represent the weight of the bricks and that is why you can never put a heavier brick on top of a lighter one.

The only exception is the color white which can go on top and underneath of anything. This is the main part of the game.

Furthermore, there is a special brick and some bonuses that you can collect that make the game more fun to play. In particular, each time you complete two floors, you get a special brick that behaves like a white one but also expands horizontally to fill the whole space.

Other bonuses are collected simply by playing and you are allowed to throw away a brick, change its color or create one with a shape you want. The game also features a leaderboard to compare your score with your friends’ and various achievements that can be unlocked while mastering this game. The game is for all audiences and requires thinking and skills in order to achieve great scores.