Android app is available in the Android Market. You will need an invitation code to use it properly, but don’t despair, just see the bottom of this article for info on how to obtain one courtesy of Apptera and Appolicious.

Essentially, Poptuit replaces the dialer on your Android smartphone and makes it all the more intelligent. Your most contacted friends appear on its home screen, and it is easy to drill down to see their social networking status. You can call them directly or SMS them. If they are already Poptuit users, you can message them directly within the app for free.

The app is also smart enough to recognize places or services you have looked up frequently on other sites like Yelp or Google. It makes sure they’re all accessible within the app so you can communicate with them immediately. It will also introduce coupons or discount codes to the businesses you contact most often in order to make sure you never miss a great deal.

Upon launching the app and entering your invite code, you get the opportunity to customize your profile. I tried to add a photo to mine, but it wouldn’t take (remember, we are still in beta). A cute animation then plays as the app attempts to introduce all of your contacts and loads up the app proper.

The app is a bit sparse right now because everything is in beta and I don’t have many contacts who are using the app. But it does show a lot of potential. With Poptuit, communicating with friends and contacts with that old-fashioned phone bit of your smartphone might become a lot easier and more efficient.

If you want to get in on the action, download the app from this link (it’ll take you to the Android Market) and use the invite code 1111 once you’ve installed it and signed-up.