The app is broken down into a few section. The home screen gives you access to a search field, featured products, and an area to sign in and out. In the cart tab, you can move items to the saved items area or delete them completely. All of these functions are great, but the real pull that the app offers is it’s reminder feature. With reminder, you can take a picture of a product or barcode and save it to your Amazon account.

This process can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 24 hours before you find out if it can figure out what you took a picture of. This app make shopping on a breeze. The added reminder feature definitely adds a good deal to the app making it more worthwhile to have on your phone. The only real downfall that this app has is that it doesn’t allow you to create an account from within the app itself. But for the most part, this is an app you’re going to want to have on hand. Check it out.