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Amazon has updated the Kindle app for Android, bringing voice search, note-editing and syncing and word lookup via Wikipedia and Search is supported for all book text. Free, the Kindle app is a mobile bookstore and library, with more than 700,000 titles to download to your Android phone.

The Detroit Free Press has gone mobile, with a new Android app. The Michigan publication is weathering print media’s storm, with breaking headlines, sports and entertainment news, delivered straight to your phone. View photos, share articles, and easily tab between news categories with the free tool. has finally made its way to Android, after a long test phase and mobile apps on other platforms. Access, view, and share files from the cloud, syncing documents between your phone and PC. With the free app, you can upload items directly from your phone, manage folders, and collaborate with shared users.

Dropbox has updated its storage tool, curbing competition from newbies like The free Android app now supports photo galleries and the ability to auto-send files to Dropbox from other apps. Dropbox has also launched an app gallery on its site, so you can see some of those apps that work well with this virtual storage tool.

Entertainment, banking and more

SwiftKey Keyboard is another popular iPhone app that’s come around to Android, with fast key-typing¬†tools to make you more efficient with your smartphone. Auto-capitalization, next-word predictions and error corrections keep you speedy and accurate. At 99 cents, SwiftKey’s Keyboard app also has voice-to-text support and auto-learning.

The Ftouch Music Player app brings another interface for listening to your music while on the go. Launched this week, this free Android app already has exceeded 1,000 downloads. Ftouch comes with album art, lyrics (via web search) and a search tool for your music library. Access your most played and most recently played songs, as well.

Apps Uninstall is a top performer this week, surpassing the 10,000 download milestone. The free Android app keeps your phone clean and operational by helping you uninstall apps quickly. This also can be done in batch mode. Star the apps you like, and mark lists for easy app management. A recent update brings Froyo and search improvements.

ElectroDroid’s reference app has new features for geeks, packing in more information about voltage dividers, resistor values and Ohm’s law. Free, this Android app now has a series of resistors tables, a SCART pin-out and an LM317 calculator. ElectroDroid also has been updated for Froyo.