This cooking app is perfect for planning last-minute dinner parties after a long day at work. Simply select the “Dinner Party Ideas” section from the home screen of the app, scroll through the hundreds of ideas and add the ones you like to your favorites section — or simply add it straight to your shopping list. Not sure if all your friends will approve of a dish? You can also email the recipe straight from the app to a picky friend for approval.

The app also adds your recipes to the shopping list section. Once you visit the shopping list section, hit “Create Shopping List” and the app collates the ingredients for you.

You can also search for a recipe based on keywords or ingredients such as chicken, avocado or chocolate. The app also offers several fun categories of recipes to inspire you, such as “Fall Desserts,” “American Classics,” “Cool Cocktails” and “Healthy Lunches.” Each recipe has direction, photos and even user reviews.

If you like to cook, definitely download the Epicurious app to spice up your weekly repertoire of dishes.