For starters, it’s ideal for the person who would like to read ebooks on the go, but doesn’t own an ereader device. Run into some free time, and you have some reading you’d like to catch up on? No problem. When your book is stored on your mobile device, you have the convenience of reading from just about anywhere, whether you’re stuck in a waiting room, or lying in bed.

The design and layout of the app’s menu is very appealing to the eye, resembling a wooden bookshelf with your downloaded novels on the shelves. The app essentially works like a giant bookshelf, too. You can choose to open a book, browse titles in your library, or search for new books to read. There are plenty of titles listed in the public domain, which means you can read them without paying a cent, but many of the current titles are going to cost you.

Text is formatted to fit your phone’s resolution, and users move through pages by either tapping with a finger (tap on the left to go back a page and on the right to advance a page) or flicking with a finger. The option to adjust font and layout settings, themes and brightness help limit strain on the eyes, and make reading from a small screen more feasible. The app can also navigate between the table of contents and bookmark pages to make it easy to return to a key page or the place you last read.

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