When you load up the app, you’ll need to sign in before you can do anything. If you don’t have an account, the app links to the last.fm website so you can easily create a new account. After you’ve done that, press the Tune button and you’ll be on your way to selecting the music you want to hear pumping through your Android phone.

The options for selecting music to listen to are limited. You can search by Artist or Tag, listen to your recommendations, radio stations, neighbour radio, or playlist. When you play a song, you can either favorite it, block it, or email a link of it to yourself or someone else. If you want to set up some quality playlists and listen to them, you’ll probably want to do that on the website version of the app first.

It’s difficult to capture all of the great features that last.fm has to offer. Hopefully we’ll see an official app in the future that can bring us all of those features considering how open the Android platform is. For now, aLastFM Player is a great app to listen to new music on the go on your Android phone.