Alarm Clock Gentle Wakeup wakes you up gently like the sun

Feb 16, 2017

Getting out of bed, while it is still dark outside, is a challenge for night owls. They get ripped out of the deep sleep phase by a loud noise which was an indication of danger from animals or from enemies back in the stone ages.


Since the working life is designed for early birds the owls have a huge problem. They feel tired and exhausted even though they have slept enough. This is because the missing daylight could not initiate any wake-up processes in the body.

Many alarm Apps like Sleep Cycle or SleepBot try to analyze the sleep phases to find the light sleep phase for wake-up. But the light sleep phase may be 30 minutes before your desired wake-up time. The App “Gentle Wakeup” takes a different approach and turns an Android device into a wake-up light. The clue is that the light will start a biological process to leave the deep sleep phase and prepare for the wake up exactly on time. People feel fully awake when they open their eyes and are ready for the day.

How to wake up refreshed in the morning every day 🙂

The app “Gentle Wakeup” turns and Android device into a sunrise simulator which wakes people up by light. Changing from an alarm clock to a wake up light can make a tremendous difference from feeling dizzy the whole day to waking up refreshed in the most natural way.

The success of the App in waking up refreshed at an exact time is based on the high controllability of the wake up process. All alarms start weak and rise gently during a specified time to a final intensity level. A typical configuration consists of a sunrise started 20 minutes before the desired wake-up time, slowly increasing sounds of birds, twittering on time and a slowly increasing device vibration as a backup 5 min after wake up time.

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The app is available as a free (ad-supported) version and a pro version ($5.49). All basic wake-up light functions are supported already in the free version. The pro version supports more gentle sounds and more advanced configuration options.

The success of the App in waking up refreshed at an exact time is based on the high controllability of the wake up process. is owned by the Indie Developer Dr. Rieger. Products started in 1999 with photo effects for Windows computers and have won several awards during the years. He started App development in 2012 for iOS. Since then lifestyle utilities, quiz games and over 1000 photo effects have been released.

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