While the FAA requires specific printed documentation to be present in the cockpit, this handy app puts VFR, IFR, and approach FLIP charts in the palm of your hand. Search by city, state, or airport identifier, and off you go.

Access to real-time METAR, TAF, PIREP, AcChart, and NOTAM alerts, along with weather charts for airports within the contiguous United States, are just a click away. The app also includes access to sectional charts, and displays a list of nearest airports to your present location. A 5-function E6B calculator (with weight and balance) is also included, providing density altitude, true airspeed (TAS), and ETA.

While much of the information accessible via the app is available online in other locations, no doubt pilots of all stripes and expertise will appreciate having this inexpensive app on their DROID to save them time.