iOS devices, AirCover offers a nice set of security features in a single app. These include a “family safety” function which can track people via GPS within set limits. There’s also anti-virus capabilities to detect malware, plus the ability to find out which apps on your Android device have access to your personal data. Add to the mix an optimizer to make sure your OS is running smoothly and efficiently, a battery monitor, and even cloud backup capabilities, and you’ve got a whole lot of functionality for which you usually need multiple apps.

For an annual fee of $24.95 (you knew there had to be a catch, right?), you can obtain more cloud storage space, plus the ability to track more than just two people, which is all the app allows initially. But still, there’s an awful lot offered here for free.

According to TechCrunch, the man behind AirCover, Jason Johnson, will be promoting the app further at this year’s South by Southwest conference. Johnson believes 90 percent of users will just use its free services, but he’s in negotiations with several U.S. carriers (and beyond) to drive the app into the hands of yet more comsumers. In addition, Johnson has used developers in China to keep costs down, as their skills are an equal match to those of the rest of the world.

Security services on Android continue to grow in number and necessity. It looks like AirCover has a good plan to get a strong foothold in an important sector within our increasingly mobile, app-driven environment.