Topping off this week’s list is Agent Dash, a spy-themed take on Temple Run with interesting changes to the formula. We’ve also got the latest in Gameloft’s massive Asphalt racing franchise, a new platforming shooter from the developers of Wisp, the latest and greatest from Kairosoft, a frustrating yet complex alchemy-based puzzler, and the official mobile gaming debut of Epic Meal Time. Serve it up. Here are this week’s top Android games.

Fruit Ninja style, and you just drag it around. Drinks like soda or “Jack Dagnels” give you various power-ups, like a time slow down. Music and sound clips from the YouTube show will randomly play, and practically make this game worth it alone for the laugh. Haters of the show will probably be unimpressed, and even though I enjoy the show, I wouldn’t say it’s worth the price point, but I still had fun playing. Beware of the horrible stability issues, though.