Whereas the widely popular Cut the Rope requires the cutting of a dangling rope with a piece of candy on it into the mouth of a character, AcroSplat has players use ropes to send a blob into a paint can. Using similar physics, the game starts of extremely easy so that players are able to quickly grasp the concept before entering more difficult levels that require multiple jumps at more different angles. With over 100 levels of story mode gameplay, players are kept entertained for a substantial period of time as the more the player proceeds through the story, the higher the difficultly in completing the levels. Furthermore, the elaborate interface ensures that the design of the game is both captivating and visually stimulating where even the background of the level is has extreme attention to detail.

Furthermore, one of the most differentiating factors of AcroSplat is in the fact that players are able to develop their own levels. As a means to challenge themselves and others, players are given the tools to develop customized challenges and then share it with other players, something that has not been made possible with other games. To further fuel the collaboration and competitive nature of gaming, players are able to share their created levels to compete and obtain the highest score possible. Through this, players not only simply complete the game levels, but must optimize their moves strategically in order to outperform others.

AcroSplat provides a tremendous amount of entertainment value that tests problem solving skills across over 100 levels

One of the biggest drawbacks of the AcroSplat, however, lies in the fact that it is priced higher than the average gaming app in the category. At $2.99 USD, the game must compete with other rivals which are typically free, making it a deterrent for those who wish to first try the game. Despite being a paid game, the ability to customize levels with other players gives it a differentiating value that other apps lack in. Through this, it can be justified for the price that it charges as it provides customization tools that others are not able to offer.

With the familiar aspects of Cut the Rope coupled with unique features, AcroSplat provides a tremendous amount of entertainment value that tests problem solving skills across over 100 levels. One of the most captivating features of the app is in the fact that players are able to design fully customized levels which can then be shared with other players to form a competitive environment in order to allow players to exercise their creativity as producers of content as opposed to simply being the end consumers.

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