Adobe is most known for its now highly controversial media format Flash, and it’s extensive line of multimedia editors. But one interesting piece of software that mostly works in the background is Adobe Reader. This piece of software is useful for viewing PDFs, an industry standard for clean, secure documents. Now Adobe has released Reader for the Android platform and provides another option to viewing PDFs on your phone. This version of Reader is pretty simple with only a few features to highlight.

The app opens PDFs (obviously) and offers a page-to-page view just like it’s pc counterpart. The rendering was fast but still not as buttersmooth as I would have hoped. Perhaps the most interesting option is the Reflow option in the app. Once this option is selected, the app will automatically reformat the the file to fit comfortably on the screen. If you are still hesitant, you can still enjoy pinch to zoom capabilities in the normal page view but the new feature is handy.

Overall, the experience is simple and basic but it does the job nicely. Still, there are plenty of other viewers in the Marketplace that may provide you with a better experience. It’s free in the Android Marketplace so check it out.

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