Adobe Reader for Android is a breeze to install and use. The interface is very simple, really just two tabs – Recently Viewed and PDF Files, which lists PDFs on your phone. So, you can easily and quickly access and review files.

Your Android will list Adobe Reader as one of the apps to use when opening PDF files you find on the web or when previewing PDF email attachments. I advise checking the checkbox to use Adobe Reader without asking for PDF format files – it’ll save you a tap for every PDF in the future.

From there, you can pinch, double-tap, or use the T+ (larger text) icon on the slide-up menu at the bottom of the screen for zooming. For paging up or down, you can flick or use the arrows on the menu. Like most Android apps, Adobe Reader works in landscape and portrait, and will adjust simply by turning the phone.

PDF files come in either taggable or non-taggable formats, meaning that it will either re-flow (taggable) when you zoom in to fit the screen or it won’t. This app supports taggable PDFs and the re-flowing part worked well when I downloaded and zoomed in on a PDF-based ebook.

Adobe Reader supports English, French, German, Italian, Dutch and Spanish. Complaints? I wish the app supported bookmarks, particularly for long ebooks. Nonetheless, if you work with PDF files, don’t even think about it – download it.