Adobe AIR on Android

You’ll find the AIR for Android runtime app in the Android Market, which is a nice little workaround for expanding the types of apps to work on the mobile devices.    While there aren’t many AIR-related apps for Android yet, this Adobe offering may encourage more development.

Firefox syncs to Android

Mozilla is taking a jab at Google’s Chrome browser, with the launch of a mobile, beta version of Firefox 4, including Android.  Supported on Android 2.0 or higher, the Firefox 4 mobile browser syncs your tabs, browsing history, bookmarks and passwords between your PC and smartphone.  The browser also comes with the “Awesome Screen,” giving you access to a number of synced items directly from the browser address bar. It looks like Firefox has put a good amount of consideration into the mobile experience, layering accessibility into always-present aspects of its touch screen version.  Things like this can really improve the usability of an app. As Chrome already has a couple points of Android integration, Firefox certainly brings a little competition to the table.

Yahoo + Android beat FaceTime

Adding to the rapidly growing VoIP mobile trend, Yahoo is prepping to offer video chat on the Android and iPhone, reports Reuters.  Yahoo’s mobile chat will support live video calls for Android users, and will work over a carrier’s standard wireless network. Apps like this stand to bring more alternatives to the iPhone 4, filling in certain gaps that are not built into Android’s native offerings.  All the while, Yahoo gets another channel on the mobile front, though still centered around chat and news tools.

Warriors of Rock

For a rock out session this weekend, check out the new Guitar Hero game for Android.  Released by Glu, Warriors of Rock brings 18 new challenges to the Guitar Hero franchise.  The app includes full-length songs in high quality—titles from Aerosmith, AFI, Arch Enemy, Sum 41, RX Bandits, Slash and more.