Rocket Launch

There are few places that serve as a more perfect setting than outer space. In the game of Rocket Launch, tilt your phone from side-to-side in order to navigate your way through the fields of asteroids without being hit. The longer you play, the closer you will come to a collision as the asteroids will start to come at you more quickly. Beat your top score or challenge your friends to play better than you can.

Astral Commander Lite

In the game of Astral Commander Lite, you are the Astral Commander. To play this simple, and very addicting game, you must direct high-tech robots to collect all of the materials that are necessary for constructing a base on alien planets. When things get dangerous, open fire on your enemies. The developers have noted that this game is very easy to play and it includes five different levels. There are also different gameplay modes to choose from. Aim for a high score and see how you measure up on the global leader board.

Pocket God

In the game of Pocket God, you are an omnipotent being who rules over an island. You get to decide how you want life to be for the primitive natives that inhabitant the island, offering them blessings, or punishing them for their misdeeds. You are in complete control of every happening on this island, whether it be giving the gift of tools to humanity, or summoning a deadly earthquake. The game also gives its users access to chat rooms, leader boards, achievements, and announcements during gameplay.


Save the aliens! Little blue Baviux have been kidnapped from their home planet and sold in slavery. You must help them escape but it won’t be easy. You must twist your phone this way and that to guide the little creatures into their ships for evacuation.Their captors and others will try to get in the way. Rock out to the futuristic Mambo soundtrack, and enjoy this addictive, fun game.

Flight Control

Originals always deserve credit. Make no mistake the first touch-controlled game was Flight Control by Namco and it’s finally arrived on Android.Been lost in underground cave for a year? Then I’ll explain how it works. You are an air traffic controller for a very busy airport. You manage multiple runways and your airspace has just become the Grand Central Station of the air. Touch and drag planes to a safe landing, but watch out for mid-air collisions.

Chalk Ball

Stop reading this and go download Chalk Ball. It’s unique, fun, and will leave you with game amnesia, where you look up the clock and can’t remember how long you been playing. The screen becomes a school chalkboard. You see one ball (really a circle of chalk) that moves and can bounce. You must keep the ball bouncing and not let it drop off the bottom edge of the screen. You must drawn lines on the chalkboard for the ball to bounce off of and stay in play but you only have one piece of chalk. When the chalk runs out you can’t draw. Replenish the chalk by knocking the ball against other balls filled with chalk. Sounds simple? It’s not!

Pumpkins vs Monster

What do you get when you combine Bejeweled, Halloween, and Zombieland? You guessed it’s Pumpkins vs Monster. Before you fling your pumpkins at the invading undead army, you must first match three pumpkins of the same color. Once matched, the pumpkins become weapons that take out the monsters.The description in the Android Market is pure gibberish, but the ratings are high. Play 45 levels on three different haunted worlds.


Everlands is a challenging strategy-based game disguised in a world of cute cartoon animals. Your goal is to arrange your “good” animals, all with different strengths and weaknesses, in a way that defeats enemy animals.

Superheroes Alliance

This game is vaguely reminiscent of Mafia Wars and has the player creating an empire of good by hiring allies and managing funds to become the ultimate force for good. It also can also sync with your Facebook account so you can take the addiction to your desktop via Facebook app. Recruit your buddies for more bonuses. Good luck getting this one off your brain.

Coin Drop!

I have found another addictive game – that’s what my first reaction was after playing “Coin Drop!”. I could not stop until I had to answer a phone call –  that’s how addictive this app is. It is colorful, light-hearted, has smooth animation, and its straightforward premise means the gameplay is very simple but still hugely enjoyable. What more could one ask for? Kids will love this app for sure. Even middle-aged people like me found it a very fun way to pass the time. The plot of Coin Drop! is interesting. There are good coins and bad coins. Your task as is to identify troublemaking bad coins and to capture them before they reach the bottom of the board. Additionally, there are ‘girl coins’ in trouble and you have to save them too. There are various obstructions on the board, which twist, turn or react to weight. There are 75 levels in total. Each level has four blue, bad pennies that you need to hit and capture. Each of the levels has a certain criteria for points. The more points you collect, the more stars you receive, and then more levels get unlocked. The first 60 were easy enough to work through, but things got a lot more difficult from Level 61.

I finished all the levels in three days and than started all over again! I found the audio of this app to be awesome and the soundtrack quite catchy. Animation is nice and the gameplay is vibrant. The only thing that I did not like about the game is its inability to compare scores via a global scoreboard. The developers should have thought about that. Otherwise, the game is still fun and addictive.

Burn The Rope

You don’t have to be a pyromaniac to know that there’s something alluring about an open flame. In the addicting game of, players must control fire in order to wipe out as much of the on-screen rope as possible. Not to be confused with the popular iOS game Cut The Rope, Burn The Rope is a new twist in the puzzle-game genre.

The game’s tutorial is brief and very clear, but here’s how Burn The Rope plays in a nutshell: To ignite a fire, touch an on-screen rope. The real challenge of the game is that a flame only burns upward, so you have to keep rotating your device in order to keep things burning. The flame will be extinguished if you try to burn down the rope, and tapping the screen will increase the speed at which things burn.

Like pretty much all other puzzle games, things start out easy, but become progressively more difficult. After a few levels, you’ll start to encounter bugs. Some will explode and help you get rid of pieces of rope, while others will earn you points if you burn them. Colored bugs change the color of the flame and are needed to burn ropes with a corresponding color.

Despite what you might be envisioning from the description, I promise that Burn The Rope is actually very fun and addicting. I found myself going back and replaying levels over and over so I could improve my score (and, in turn, open even more levels.) I like that the ropes aren’t straight lines or coils on the ground. There are patterns in the shape of funky objects, like UFOs, an Egyptian eye, planets, cherries and kites. The fact that the game’s controls are smooth and did exactly what they were supposed to do make this a very enjoyable experience.
The game’s soundtrack is fun at first, but you can only listen to a strange guy with a Southern accent say “Burn the rope, yeah…” so many times before it becomes irritating. I almost immediately turned my sound off.