Although every magazine in the country has been on a low-content-carb diet for several years running, the stories, photos, and content that TIME magazine’s staff churn out every week also find a popular home on their website and growing family of mobile applications.

Droid owners now have access to the Download our new Android app!

Despite its “free” price tag, this little app packs a content punch that other magazine application developers would do well to emulate. It’s super-simple to swipe your way through TIME’s always amazing photo sets, growing collection of video podcasts, ever-popular lists, news stories and more.

My favorite features? The ability to save articles right on your phone for reading offline, plus a built-in widget maker so you can customize the TIME content you like most and have it appear right on your phone’s home screen.

At the end of the day, you could spend your time browsing TIME content via Thankfully, TI Media Solutions avoided the “wrapper” trap and have taken TIME and its content to the next level on our Android devices. A must-have for serious news junkies and fans of this acclaimed news weekly.

Don’t miss the built-in widget for searching TIME’s back file database. This takes the app from the arena of the casual browser, to the serious researcher doing deep-dives into everything from today’s newsmaker to yesterday’s biggest historical events.